Drug overdose is currently the leading cause of accidental death for adults under the age of 50 in the United States. This tool kit offers Rotary Districts and Clubs a way to conduct Addiction Prevention Seminars within their own communities, and strengthen community understanding of addiction and methods of prevention.

Using the seminar toolkit, Rotarians can become local drivers in addiction prevention by bringing together prevention experts, parents, and other community stakeholders. The toolkit and approach make it possible to quickly educate attendees on critical but often misunderstood forces that drive addiction. An additional goal of these gatherings is to establish relationships, partnerships and collaborations to tackle the ongoing local need for education, and substance abuse prevention. 


The Seminar Model

The toolkit contains the instructions, videos, and slide show needed for local Rotary Clubs to conduct an educational seminar based on a variant of the World Café model. 

Each toolkit contains: 

  • Directions for setting up and implementing the seminar

  • A thumb drive with educational seminar videos on tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, opioids, and the brain chemistry of addiction

  • A slide show to drive the presentation and discussion

  • Suggested action steps and community collaborations

  • Exit survey

Available at the special introductory price of $895.  


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For more information about the Rotarian Action Group for Addiction Prevention (RAG-AP) and the Addiction Prevention: Engage the Community Toolkit, please watch this webinar video.