This teacher-guided course uses Chromebooks, iPads or other devices to enable peer interaction, engage students, and facilitate live classroom learning about the complexities and negative effects of drug use and addiction. Each lesson begins with a short, compelling video.  Through device-enabled instruction, teachers then guide learners to share in dialog, research, investigation and assessment to promote understanding.  The course is easy to implement in 5 to 6 class periods. 

Please watch this video for an overview of the course.  (This video was produced before the alcohol and opioid units were added to the course.  An updated version of this video will be available soon.)

Powered by Exploros, the classroom learning platform, our curriculum ensures that every student engages by contributing to the classroom experience using learning-based social media skills. Teachers gain real-time understanding into class comprehension, and can use this insight to provide targeted instruction. This high-level engagement offers a rich, interactive classroom experience that leads to deeper understanding.

Course Objectives Include:

  • Preventing, delaying and/or reducing drug and alcohol use. The course emphasizes brain chemistry and personal choice influencers of addiction while featuring the added risks for the developing youth brain.
  • Identifying and understanding diverse forces that influence drug use and addiction; these include media, culture, peer, industry, genetics, and neuroscience factors.
  • Understanding personal health consequences and the social impact of drug use.
  • Developing drug-media literacy, self-advocacy, and refusal skills that promote healthy decisions and drug-free lifestyles. 

The Process: 

  • As part of your purchase, you will get a 1-year subscription to the course
  • All activities, videos, and teaching instructions are part of the online delivery 
  • Teachers have access to all student data, and students will be able to review their course portfolio for the period of the subscription

Strategically built for full student engagement using a skills-based approach, this program offers strong versatility in incorporating evidence-based drug prevention lessons into an educational course that must include other health or science areas and/or curricula strands. Utilizing advances in social technology and science, this course offers a digital solution to drug prevention education that significantly cuts down on teacher preparation and class time while increasing student engagement and overall impact.   

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Are you using Google? Great! This course runs on Exploros, which is a Google App for Education. It is integrated with Google Classroom rostering, so you can get your students started with just a few clicks.