DVD: Opioid Epidemic - A Powerful 11-minute Conversation Starter on the Crisis 

Unlike a traditional documentary, this educational video carefully and intentionally condenses volumes of research and history into eleven short minutes.  It serves as a powerful conversation starter in an educational group setting for a wide range of audiences.  

This film highlights stories of those we have lost, a brief history of opioids in the United States, and the recent foundations for the epidemic, including prescription opioids, the rise of heroin and black tar heroin, and the illicit emergence of synthetic opioids such as fentanyl.

To facilitate group dialog, discussion questions are included.

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A discussion guide is included in the DVD package.  Organizations, communities and schools are using OPIOID EPIDEMIC for roundtable discussions, forums and local events.  Successful program models include:

  • Parents and community leaders (youth and/or adults) meet to watch the video and then join in follow-up discussion and action planning led by a local experienced facilitator.  
  • Parents and high school students come together to watch the video and have follow-up discussion.  This offers opportunity for conversations to continue at home between parents and their teenagers.  Some communities bring in expert panelists to reinforce the science-based content of the video.
  • Coalitions view the video and share in follow-up dialogue/planning to further their work in preventing local teen marijuana use.
  •  Using the video in health classes with a teacher leading the discussion. Teachers are encouraged to see the video ahead of time and explore their own perceptions and attitudes in preparation for classroom discussion with students.  Holding preliminary teacher screenings help prepare educators for varying elements of discussion that may surface in the classroom.
  • Hospital staff educational opportunities where doctors, nurses and medical providers come together to watch and discuss the video.


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