THEN AND NOW - Industry Playbooks and Addiction Marketing

In 11 compelling minutes, this film exposes the impact of 21st century pot, tactics of the marijuana industry, and the big money involved

If marijuana becomes the next tobacco, our youth are at risk.

"This film is a dramatic eye-opener on the marijuana movement - all young people should see it."

- Dr. Bertha Madras, Harvard Medical School

$15 for two views within in 24 hours. Click play below to get started.

Marijuana prevention programming

Then and Now is specifically designed for local prevention programming. 




A discussion guide is included in the DVD package.  Organizations, communities and schools are using THEN and NOW for roundtable discussions, forums and local events.  Successful program models include:

  • Parents and community leaders (youth and/or adults) meet to watch the video and then join in follow-up discussion and action planning led by a local experienced facilitator.  
  • Parents and high school students come together to watch the video and have follow-up discussion.  This offers opportunity for conversations to continue at home between parents and their teenagers.  Some communities bring in expert panelists to reinforce the science-based content of the video.
  • Coalitions view the video and share in follow-up dialogue/planning to further their work in preventing local teen marijuana use.
  •  Using the video in health classes with a teacher leading the discussion. Teachers are encouraged to see the video ahead of time and explore their own perceptions and attitudes in preparation for classroom discussion with students.  Holding preliminary teacher screenings help prepare educators for varying elements of discussion that may surface in the classroom.
  • Hospital staff educational opportunities where doctors, nurses and medical providers come together to watch and discuss the video.


This DVD has to be one of the very best efforts ever to enter the fray, and I congratulate you and your company on this intelligent, compelling, exceptionally well produced piece. Our local coalition showed Then and Now at our county meeting and it was, to say the least, a WOW response. The county purchased copies for local coalitions. Our original copy is being circulated through the health classes at the high school.
— Heidi Hellmich, DFC Coalition Media Consultant
Really well done - a must see! I’m so impressed by the content and production that I’ve been playing it at many of my recent talks.
— Dr. Kevin Sabet, Smart Approach to Marijuana
My wife and I watched the 11-minute video last night and we were both EXTREMELY impressed with the production values, the content, and the powerful message. It is unlike anything that I have seen and is an essential tool for drug education efforts. THEN and NOW is a “must see!
— Former Assistant US Attorney Monte Stiles, Drug educator/motivational speaker
As pediatricians, our ultimate responsibility is to the health of the children and families that we serve. Yet Then and Now shows how Big Tobacco used doctors to promote a product whose health effects were catastrophic while the pediatric community stayed largely silent. It wasn’t until we learned about the secondary effects of tobacco that pediatricians became engaged. Now we’re dealing with a new threat to child and adolescent health: cannabis. This time we want pediatricians to be the leaders. Let’s be the first ones to speak out about the primary effects on teens and secondary effects on younger children.

- John R. Knight, MD Director, Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School; Senior Associate in Medicine, Associate in Psychiatry, Children's Hospital Boston

While scientific evidence is mounting about the adverse effects of cannabis on physical and mental health, and brain development, the emerging marijuana industry sees the next big cash crop. Then and Now provides us with an important history lesson - the eerily similar story of how tobacco advertising manipulated the public despite the research about its harms. This video is a must-see as our society faces the multi-million dollar onslaught of pro-marijuana marketing, especially the ads and products targeting our youth.
— Sion Harris, PhD, Co-Director, Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research, Boston Children's Hospital, and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Outstanding DVD! I watched it and knew I wanted it!
— Janine Kravetz, B.A., CPC-R, Prevention Activities Coordinator, Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center