Covers Five topics: TOBACCO, MARIJUANA, ADDICTION, Alcohol and Opioids



Edventi’s Course is designed to engage students and empower them to better understand the complexities of current culture, commercial drug products and addiction. In 5 - 6 class periods students participate in dialog, research and assessment to critically investigate the science of drug use and the risks to the developing brain, while analyzing environmental influences that downplay harms and promote drug use behavior (drug and media literacy).

The Program Includes:



  • Pre and Post Surveys
  • Lesson 1: Tobacco
  • Lesson 2: Marijuana 
  • Lesson 3: Addiction
  • Lesson 4: Alcohol
  • Lesson 5: Opioids

Specifically designed to quickly change students' perspectives on substance use, the course can be used as a standalone, or can easily be integrated into more extensive programming to drive engagement and increase impact. 

The print program with DVD ships with a full teacher's guide, student worksheets and all the Edventi videos and media material that are part of the curriculum.  

The digital version integrates all media and materials in with best practice methodology to deliver social, teacher-guided learning experiences powered by the Exploros classroom platform.  


DVD: Then and Now - Industry Playbooks and Addiction Marketing Available Now. 

A look at how the tobacco industry pioneered compelling marketing strategies to build a massive consumer base of lifetime users that led to a national public health crisis, and how the current marijuana industry is using all the same tactics.

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